I have been using Astron Dental products for over 25 years.  Astron injection 1180 vinyl has always been my premium denture material. In recent years, CLEARsplint has also proven itself to be the same standard of excellence.  Bob & Doug have always taken care of me.

Randall Pros. D/L


"CLEARsplint is perfect for a premium splint. Doctors love the material and keep coming back for more."

Lee @ Glidewell Laboratories


CLEARsplint is the best material I have ever used period... Nothing even comes close and I’ve tried everything.

Dan @ Flex D/L


Loved the LabPro curing unit so much I bought a second one.

Dave @ Daves D/L


We use quite a bit of CLEARsplint & the Doctors love the results.

John @ LL D/L