Astron 1180


The iCure curing unit is an all digital extra-oral curing unit that cures all LC resins in about 5 minutes. Its compact design works great chairside or on a lab techʼs bench. The florescent bulb lasts more than 5,000 hours. Digital timer up to 99 minutes.

Outside Dimensions: 10” x 5” x 3.5”
Inside Dimensions: 6.5ʼ” x 4.5” x 2.5”

Astron 1180

Hard Reline

A chairside, dual cure, bonded, microfilled hard denture reline material. Astron LC Hard is a powder and liquid that mixes to an impression taking consistency.

It sets up in the mouth like a cold cure reline then cured in the iCure for 5 minutes to get the same quality as a lab reline. This chairside reline only requires one office visit saving time and money.

LCH/8 : 8 individual Hard relines
LCH/E : 40 Bulk pack Hard relines

Astron 1180

Soft Reline

A chairside, dual cure microfilled soft denture reline resin. Astron LC soft is a powder and liquid that mixes to a impression taking consistency. It also sets up in the mouth then light cured for 20 mins to get a lab quality soft one office visit.

LCS/8 : 8 ind soft relines
LCS/E : 40 Bulk pack Soft relines

Astron 1180

Custom Tray

A blue premixed light cured wafer cured in 5 minutes with NO shrinkage and ready to use.

ACT/50 : 50 Trays
ACT/100: 100 Trays

Astron 1180

Base Plate

A pink premixed light cured wafer cured in just 5 minutes the iCure unit and most LC units.

ABP/50 : 50 Base Plates
ABP/100 : 100 Base Plates