Astron 1180

Astron 1180TM

Astron 1180 is a vinyl base denture material. It is a premix so there is no mixing of the material. It's low water absorbtion & monomer free denture material make this the best choice when dealing with allergy cases or patients with fracture problems. It's strength will amaze any lab tech. Astron 1180 is considered a premium denture material.



Luxene vinyl denture material is known around the world and is considered as the unbreakable denture and is allergy free.

Only sold in Europe thru KKD Topdent.

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Astron 1180

Super High Impact Denture Acrylic

We had many requests for a new denture acrylic. All of our customers wanted something different so we threw out our old formulas and started from scratch.

Our R&D dept. have taken the newest technology acrylic powders and used the best monomers available. We also wanted a twist- Superior Quality at a Reasonable Price.

Denture SoftLiners

Astron 1180

It will stand up to the best softliners in the world.

DURAsoft softliner is a vinyl base soft denture reline. This product is also premixed. Its natural pink fibered color makes it blend with most pink shaded dentures. It lasts for years and is easy to trim with a standard carbide bur.

Flexible PartialsTM

Astron 1180


ULTRAflexTM is a partial denture material with flex. A modified composite resin that easily be repaired or relined unlike conventional nylon materials. ULTRAflexTM partials with clear clasps are so optically clear they blend naturally against existing teeth.

Since there is NO MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) in ULTRAflexTM it is considered a allergy free material. An alternative to expensive metal partials or can be used in conjunction with metal partials for better esthetics.